How to Sign Up for a Medicare Advantage Plan in Killeen, TX

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Medicare plans cover about 80% of your health care bills. How will you cover that last 20%? Texas Benefits Assistance can help. We'll find a Medicare Advantage or Medicare supplement plan to cover your health care needs in Killeen, TX.

You'll have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a local insurance agent at Texas Benefits Assistance. He'll match you with the best Medicare supplement plans for your needs. He can even visit you at your home for a consultation. Contact us right away to start discussing your options.

What will your Medicare Advantage plan cover?

What will your Medicare Advantage plan cover?

Medicare Advantage plans typically cover everything original Medicare plans do, except hospice care. Every plan offers emergency and urgent care, but your personal plan may include extra benefits, such as:

  1. Dental care
  2. Eye care
  3. Wellness programs
  4. Prescription drugs

A qualified insurance agent in Killeen, TX can present a variety of Medicare Advantage plan options and help you narrow them down. Call Texas Benefits Assistance today at 254-319-7868 to get the help you need.